The harmonization of heterogeneous data is an undertaking which new technologies have highly simplified and in some cases made possible for the first time. This workshopwill feature two panels addressing two different aspects of the harmonization process. The first of these will introduce EpiDoc, the “international, collaborative effort that provides guidelines and tools for encoding scholarly and educational editions of ancient documents”. This standard is now industry-wide and indispensable for all digital epigraphy professionals. The following issues will be covered:

  • Introduction to EpiDoc: Definitions and Standards

  • XML as a language

  • Cross-walking data with XSLT

  • “upconversion” in TEI from string data

  • Further markup

  • Projects using EpiDoc

  • Interoperability among EpiDoc project and Linked Open Data.

  • Using vocabularies for selected types of information.

The second panelwill aim to address problems, solutions and methods used to harmonize geographical information. It will focus particularly on the role of digital gazetteers in georeferencing applications through well established initiatives such as Pleiades and Trismegistos Places. The workshop will provide an overview on best practice guidelines and recommendations to ensure the continuous production of high-quality and interoperable content.

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