There has been a lot of interest regarding Wikidata, Wikimedia’s newly-created structured data repository, and the ways in which it has been developing.

This workshop will introduce and provide basic training in Wikidata and Wikibase by experts from the Wikimedia Italia association.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • the reciprocal benefit that digital projects can generate by means of free-based knowledge and tools

  • how the enrichment of available existing data is of advantage to scholars and the general public

The training session will involve a small scale Edit-a-thon (“a scheduled time where people edit Wikipedia together, whether offline, online, or a mix of both”).

Contents will be edited directly into Eagle Mediawiki, a multilingual wiki enhanced with the Wikibase extension.It works on data in the Wikidata project, one of Wikimedia foundation’s newest endeavors.

This space is specifically intended to enable scholars and contributors to perform two main functions:

  1. gather all translations of ancient Greek and Roman inscriptions with the possibility of adding more translations in different languages (the quality of the translations will be overseen by an editorial board).

  2. gather and connect all online inscription images that are not linked to scholarly records of inscriptions contained in the databases of the Eagle Best Practice Network.


Available content becomes more useful to professional researchers and more valuable for the general public.

Interested participants are kindly requested to register by December 1, 2013. This can be easily done by filling in the form below