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Fasti, Leges, Acta

Translated term Calendario it
Translated term elenco di magistrati it
Translated term legge it
Translated term senatoconsulto it
Translated term costituzione imperiale it
Translated term editto it
Translated term decreto it
Translated term atti di collegio it
Translated term Fasten / Verzeichnisse, de
Translated term Fastes, lois, actes fr
Translated term Gesetze, Akten de
Translated term Official text en
Translated term επίσημο έγγραφο el
Translated term النص الرسمي ar
Definition calendars, edicts of magistrates, every type of legislative document (laws, decrees of the senate, imperial constitutions, edicts, decrees, acts of collegia) en
Definition it. calendari, elenchi di magistrati, ogni tipo di documento legislativo (leggi, senatoconsulti, costituzioni imperiali, editti, decreti, atti di collegi, ecc.) it
Examples HD000674
Examples EDR003059
Related term Constitution fr
Related term Convention de droit local fr
Related term Convention internationale fr
Related term Décret d'association fr
Related term Décret de cité fr
Related term Décret de communauté fr
Related term Décret du préteur fr
Related term Décret impérial fr
Related term Décret provincial fr
Related term Fasti la
Related term Fondation fr
Related term Horologion fr
Related term Kalender de
Related term Law en
Related term Rechtliche Verfügung, öffentlich de
Related term Rechtliche Verfügung, privat de
Related term Règle fr
Related term Règlement fr
Related term Réglement d’irrigation fr
Related term Senatus consultum la
Related term Sentencia es
Related term Verzeichnis de
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