Many people have contributed to Signs of Life, the EAGLE Virtual Exhibition on Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy. Authors of the images are attributed as in the contributing databases where the images are taken from: hoover on the photo and you will see the author, copyright and provenance of the photo when not stated in the watermark.

The contents have been selected and described by all members of the EAGLE Best Practice Network.

Special thanks to Laura Löser who has revised the text.

Affiliations are intended at the moment in which the contribution to Signs of Life was made.

Bibliography for each inscription is given at the pages where the inscriptions are presented and via the aggregator or via Europeana.

Room 1: Inscriptions and history

Room 2: Script and Alphabets

Room 3: Objects and the relation between image, text and context

Room 4: Emotions in inscriptions

Room 5: The stone cutter, methods and mistakes

Room 6: Digital technologies for epigraphy

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