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Feelings for relatives may not have been always good. Look at this inscription from Slovenia with an inappropriate word choice crudeles parentes. The funerary stele says that the two parents actually set this up for the son, died at seven and for themselves. So what does actually crudeles means here? Could crudeles parentes be an inappropriate word choise, a stonecutter's mistake, who cut the word crudeles instead of miseri, while crudelis should rather refer to death or destiny, as usually?  Or was the family consecrated in the mysteries of Isis (look at the Egyptian type of the woman's haircut and child's curl that should have been cut during the initiation), which could mean that the child may have suffered during the rituals? Or perhaps crudeles meant something else to the parents when they disposed for such a text to be written at the end of the third century?  

To the Spirits of the Departed. Aurelius Secundinus and his wife Aurelia Valentina, cruel (?!) parents,  have erected while still living a tombstone for themselves and their son Aurelius Secundianus, who died just seven years old. (EAGLEWIKI11306)


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