* Photo by L.Sergius.Paulus (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons (cropped)

Use and Re-Use of Digital Cultural Heritage Assets – Interoperability, Repositories and Shared infrastructures

11-12 March 2015

Athalassa Campus

20 Konstantinou Kavafi Street

2121, Aglantzia

Nicosia, Cyprus

Use and Re-Use of Digital Cultural Heritage Assets – Interoperability, Repositories and Shared infrastructures is the fifth in a series of international events planned by EAGLE BPN. The event will feature presentations and hands-on workshops regarding themes of the EAGLE project, led by the project’s Working Groups.

The event will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus on 11-12 March 2015. It is organised by EAGLE partner Cyprus Institute, in collaboration with Heidelberg University (Germany) and Sapienza, University of Rome (Italy).

Programme overview

This event is aimed at anyone interested in epigraphy (digital or non-digital) as well as to the establishment and diffusion of general best current practices for digital cultural heritage It seeks to cover many aspects of digital technology applied to inscriptions, from content to management and networking.



The programme of the event is available here.


Further information

The language of this workshop will be English.

Coffee breaks and Lunch breaks will be provided as well as information for accommodation.

No subsidization or reimbursement is available but a certificate of attendance will be provided upon request by the Organizing Commitee.

For any further information, please contact:

  • Sorin Hermon sorin.hermon@gmail.com
  • Pietro Liuzzo pietro.liuzzo@zaw.uni-heidelberg.de
  • Raffaella Santucci raffaellasantucci@gmail.com

Local contacts:

  • Georgia Shiaelou, +357 22 208 669
  • Valentina Vassallo, +357 22 208 605

Download here the Survival Guide of the event.



Participation in the event is free of charge but places are limited.

Registration will close on February 28, 2015.


How to get there?

For more information about getting to the venue see here.


Organizing/Steering Committee

Raffaella Santucci (Sapienza University of Rome)

Pietro Maria Liuzzo (University of Heidelberg)

Sorin Hermon (The Cyprus Institute)



EAGLE, The Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy is a best-practice network, co-funded by the European Commission under its Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme. EAGLE will provide a massive resource for both the curious and the scholarly by the provision of a single user-friendly portal to the inscriptions of the Ancient World.

The EAGLE Best Practice Network is part of Europeana, a multi-lingual online collection of millions of digitised items from European museums, libraries, archives and multi-media collections. EAGLE will collect, in a single readily-searchable database, more than 1.5 million items, currently scattered across 25 EU countries (as well as the east and south Mediterranean). The project will make available the vast majority of the surviving inscriptions of the Greco-Roman world, complete with essential explanatory information and, for the most important items, a translation into English.