Europe has probably the world’s greatest cultural heritage. Digitisation brings culture into people’s homes and is a valuable resource for education, tourism, games, animation and the whole creative industry. Investing in digitisation will create new companies and generate new jobs. Europeana is Europe’s ‘flagship digitisation project’ and ‘one of Europe’s most amibitious cultural projects, and a successful one. It is a trusted source for our collective memory and a representation of European cultural heritage online.

Neelie Kroes, European Commission, Vice-President for the Digital Agenda

EAGLE is generously supported and co-funded by the ICT Policy Support Programme of the European Commission (80%) and EAGLE’s former partners (20%).

We would like to thank the European Commission for making our project (along with similar projects) possible and for making cultural heritage openly accessible in a digital way. We humbly recognize their important efforts to promote the exchange of ideas and information. We firmly believe that these efforts help us all to better understand our cultural diversity and the ways in which they contribute to a thriving knowledge economy in the world.