The Inscriptions Search Engine is the main gateway into the EAGLE’s massive epigraphic database, the place where the content provided by the epigraphers’ community is aggregated and stored and where it is made accessible to the users.

It is possible to perform full-text searches using a simple interface, or to launch more advanced queries, including the possibility to upload an image and search for inscriptions that are similar to the provided one. Seven controlled multilingual vocabularies, created to help aligning the multilingual metadata of the inscriptions from different content providers, have been integrated in the search engine as well as all the translations the are available on the EAGLE MediaWiki.

Some words of cautions before searching the EAGLE portal

  • In EAGLE there are inscriptions and related contents. Definitely not just texts or stones with photos attached to them. When you search you are actually searching in records about texts, monuments, photos, book scans. Below you will find a generic list by content provider. You can filter out a lot by searching only among documental entities.
  • The total number of inscriptions in EAGLE is around 350.000 disambiguated texts at the moment. There are currently 455414 editions of inscriptions, but some have two, some have up to five editions online. You can get this figure by searching only for documental entities. However there are many inscriptions which will be disambiguated and thus added to the count of individual inscriptions in the aggregator.
  • Some projects are closed and thus not updated, others are continuously updated, new inscriptions are added and some are edited. Please, also for this kind of information check the Original Source.
  • All data is aggregated every six months more or less. This means the texts aggregated might not be the latest version, although they will in most cases be. Please, use the Original Source button to get to the up to date resource on the content provider web site.
  • Please note that the disambiguation process is ongoing, thus some inscriptions do not have a TM id and thus turning up once for each content provider. This will be improved as soon as possible. What it means is also that totals cannot be used unchecked.
  • There are a number of images which have no connection to texts. Please use the image search, or view the visual representation tab to discover such contents.
  • The texts are mostly displayed from XML encoding in EpiDoc as some Content providers do not use EpiDoc. This is nevertheless automatically done, and thus can contain mistakes. Do check the reliable Original Source for the text after finding it in the aggregator. This also means that the EpiDoc you can download is the one used, but is not curated as such, only automatically exported from source data.
  • You can link to a EAGLE record via a query-bookmark on the left. This is no authoritative permalink, just a linking facility. Please use stable uris of the Original Sources instead.
  • When filtering among records with vocabulary terms you will also filter down to records which contain such information. so, if you get results and filter for those on Marble, you will also filter out all records which have no information about material.
  • Translations are there only for items with a translation in the EAGLE MediaWiki. Please, check Original Source for translations and if you have a translation to contribute fill free to do so in the EAGLE Mediawiki with one of the method provided.

The main functionalities available for the users are:

  • Search and browse the rich set of data made available by EAGLE content providers by using either a free text search or a more advanced interface, including faceted browsing through the integration of the EAGLE controlled vocabularies.
  • Similarity search through the image recognition algorithm that have been integrated in the EAGLE Portal.
  • Duplicates identification through the Trismegistos platform to provide users with a unique view of all the different instances representing the same object.
  • Access to all the peer-reviewed translations of the epigraphic texts, in several European languages that have been produced and integrated in the EAGLE MediaWiki.
  • Export to the user own PC the EpiDoc document of an object for further analysis and processing.
  • Link to the original data source.
  • Annotate and save relevant information in a user Personal Space (e.g. records of inscriptions, search results, queries), including content saved while using the Flagship Mobile Application.
  • Access to the Flagship Storytelling Application to browse the existing epigraphy-related narratives and to create a new story.

Download here the User Manual (PDF).

Download here the Developers Guide (PDF).

List of inscriptions and related contents available in the EAGLE Portal by content provider

Sapienza University of Rome EDR Inscriptions Photos
University of Bari Aldo Moro EDB Inscriptions and Photos
Heidelberg University EDH Inscriptions and Photos
Oxford University LSA Inscriptions
Univesity of Alcalà HEpOnline Inscriptions, Photos and scans
Paris Lodron University Salzburg Ubi Erat Lupa Inscriptions and Photos
Babeș-Bolyai University Inscriptions and Photos
Eötvös Loránd University Inscriptions, Photos and Archeological artifacts
Juraj Dobrila University of Pula Inscriptions via EDR
Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts Institute of Archaeology Inscriptions via EDR
Institut de recherche sur l’Antiquité et le Moyen-Age Ausonius, Université de Bordeaux III – CNRS Petrae Inscriptions and Photos
German Archeological Institute Inscriptions, PDFs and Photos of related contents
The Cyprus Institute Inscriptions 3d Models Photos
The British School at Rome IRT Inscriptions and Photos
Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra Photos available via EDB
The Israel Museum Jerusalem Inscriptions  objects and vocabulary terms transcriptions
Attic Inscriptions Online Translations in the EAGLE Media Wiki
EPNet: Production and Distribution of Food during the Roman Empire: Economic and Political Dynamics Inscriptions on Amphorae (currently not searchable)
Città  di Anagni Photos of inscriptions via EDR
University of Beograd Photos of Inscriptions in Turkey
Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents Inscriptions records
Roman Inscriptions of Britain Inscriptions record and translations
Inscriptiones Graecae Greek Inscriptions record and translations
ILA project (Iscrizioni Latine Arcaiche) Inscriptions (forthcoming)
AshLi project Inscriptions (forthcoming)
Historical Institute of Montenegro Inscriptions (forthcoming)
E-pigramme (Greek Inscriptions from the Louvre) Inscriptions (forthcoming)
Ilia State University (Georgia) Inscriptions (forthcoming)
Inscriptions of Aprhodisias (KLC) Inscriptions
Ancient Graffiti Project Inscriptions via EDR
Ostia Graffiti project Inscriptions (forthcoming)
ISicily Inscriptions (forthcoming)
Inscriptions of Israel-Palestine Inscriptions
Liceo Tasso (Roma) Translations
Liceo Properzio (Assisi) Translations
Liceo di Palestrina Translations
Museotechniki ltd 3d models
The Wikimedia Volunteers Photos
Individuals contributing in the EAGLE mediawiki Translations of Inscriptions
Inscriptiones Christianae Graecae Inscriptions
Epigraphic Database Clauss Slaby Inscriptions