EU-Funded projects have always had precise plans comprised of interdependent work segments known as work packages. The EAGLE BPN features seven work packages.
A short description of the objectives of each of them is provided below.

WP1 Project management

This work package regards the project’s management and seeks to lead BPN activity. Its precise objectives are to:

  • ensure that the governing and operative bodies are in place, fully operative, and receiving full administrative support
  • ensure the efficient and effective management of the project through coordination and the fostering of teamwork among all project partners
  • ensure that project tasks are completed within time, budget and resource constraints
  • assure the quality of project deliverables and reports issued to the Commission through the application of stringent quality control procedures
  • clarify management, administrative and financial procedures to all participants
  • facilitate efficient and effective communication and information-sharing among participants
  • manage all financial transactions and carry out all project financial reporting to the Commission.

WP 2 Networking and best practices

This work package is concerned with consensus-building and networking activities that aim to:

  • analyze and identify requirements for content harmonization, curation and re-use, including user engagement, translations, IPR restrictions, GIS and terminologies to be adopted
  • unanimously establish best practices and standards to be adopted
  • establish a homogenous level of expertise within the BPN
  • provide input regarding the activities of WP3 and WP5
  • attract new content providers to the EAGLE network in order to increase the quantity and quality of its digital resources and ensure that the wide array of scattered extant collections is covered appropriately
  • engage professional content users in the sustained development of EAGLE’s digital resources
  • liaise with Europeana and related projects

WP 3 Metadata model, mapping and ingestion

This work package focuses on the aggregation of content and its provision to Europeana. It aims to:

  • achieve the large-scale implementation of agreed-upon standards and best practices at the local/institutional level across the BPN
  • define a common EAGLE metadata structure so as to enable BPN metadata harmonization
  • integrate mappings from local BPN metadata structures into the common EAGLE metadata structure
  • integrate mappings from the EAGLE metadata structure into Europeana Data Model so as to ensure full interoperability
  • absorb content into EAGLE and Europeana
  • check, enrich and contextualize aggregated metadata
  • improve the quality of content and metadata across the BPN

WP 4 EAGLE Aggregation and Image Management infrastructure

This work package is part of the implementation activity. It aims to:

  • implement a large scale demand-supply chain between Europeana and the member scientific institutions of the BPN
  • build a data infrastructure capable of supplying a set of services to support metadata aggregation, curation and provision, image indexing, searching and recognition while facilitating properties of high scalability, robustness, openness to external services integration and sustainability
  • design and implement the infrastructure so that the provided services are accessible both by human-driven interface (browser) and program-driven interface (cloud services)

WP 5 End-user dedicated services

This work package is focused on the relationship with the real users. It aims to:

  • gather the requirements of the user groups that access and use epigraphy collections for various reasons
  • ensure the seamless location/request/delivery of services in the d2d chain with Europeana and other discovery services
  • enrich the EAGLE Portal with new services, including the EAGLE information space’s ‘search & browse’ feature and access to the multilingual Wiki
  • provide visibility of the BPN results by providing a multilingual Flagship Mobile Application for visitors of sites displaying inscriptions that have been aggregated in the central repository
  • provide visibility for the BPN by providing a Flagship Storytelling Application for researchers and enthusiasts of classical Greek and Latin culture

WP 6 Dissemination and exploitation

The dissemination WP aims to:

  • raise awareness about the objectives and results of the project
  • disseminate and promote EAGLE’s activities amongst key European stakeholders and potential future content providers
  • ensure the broadest possible outreach and uptake of the project’s services, mainly by way of a strong Web presence (especially a mobile web presence), but also through the dissemination of a documentary with a related teaser video and integration with Wikipedia and Wikisource
  • ensure the sustainability of the project’s results