From this section it is possible to access to the EAGLE Inscriptions Search Engine, to the two Flagship Applications developed during the EAGLE project (Mobile Application and Storytelling Application), to the EAGLE Virtual Exhibition “Signs of Life” and to the results of  the work of the EAGLE project working groups 1 and 2.

Working Group 1 – GIS and Terminology

  • Aligned and edited in seven controlled vocabularies all the lists of terms in use by the existing content providers, using the free software TemaTres.
  • Aggregated all available structured bibliographies in one open access group bibliography in Zotero.

Working Group 2 – Translation and Content Curation

  • Devised with the support of Wikimedia Italia the EAGLE Mediawiki, which now contains already more than 10000 translations of inscriptions.
  • Produced a series of programmer’s resources to facilitate up-conversion from string to EpiDoc of epigraphic editions, as well as alignment and harmonization tools.

These are all editable, reusable, accessible and interoperable as much as we could possibly make them: please, use them, share them (all translation, bibliographic entries and also all terms have a stable uri) and help us to improve them!

We really look forward to your feedback.

If you have questions about the Vocabularies and the bibliography, please send an email to the WG 1 :

If you need further information on the EAGLE Mediawiki, email WG 2:

For the code in the git repository, please, contact