The International Digital Epigraphy Association (IDEA) has decided to sponsor early career scholars who are going to participate in the next event that will be held in Leuven from 24th to 26th April, 2023.

We invite applications from early career scholars who have completed their PhD within the last 15 years (i.e. since August 2008) or are currently PhD students, who are presenting a paper or a poster at the Congress, whose topic is coherent with the scope of IDEA’s activities, as stated in Article 5 of our Charter:

Art. 5 – “The goal of the association is the promotion of the use of advanced methodologies in the research, study, enhancement, and publication of “written monuments,” beginning with those of antiquity, in order to increase knowledge of them at multiple levels of expertise, from that of specialists to that of the occasional tourist.
In order to reach its statutory goals, the association promotes, organizes, and manages conventions, conferences, exhibits (including virtual exhibits), prizes, and training courses (including online courses); it conducts editorial activities; it promotes and supports the maintenance and efficiency of the portal created by the European project EAGLE (European network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy); it participates in and promotes the participation of its members in projects and initiatives, including in collaboration with third parties; it promotes initiatives in the interest of its members; it performs and encourages studies and research; it collects data and news of interest to the activity of its members; it carries out consultations in favor of its members; it more generally carries out all activities useful for the achievement of the goals that the association proposes”.

Applicants should send a short CV, the abstract of their paper or poster and a covering letter to explain how their work fits IDEA’s aims to

The financial resources made available by IDEA amount to a total of € 500, to be divided among the participants considered eligible for funding. IDEA reserves the right not to distribute the entire sum if there are not enough eligible applications.
The awardees will be selected by the directorial committee on the basis of the adherence of their work to the scope of IDEA’s activities. The winners will be required to join the association. Moreover, they will have to send an attendance certificate after the conference in order to receive the grant.

The deadline to submit a proposal is 15th April, 2023.

A pamphlet with all the details of this call is available here.