Logo-eurevaEureva is a French SME with the following core expertise:

  • Innovative cloud-computing and mobile software architectures and their implementation,
  • Strategic consulting in the software industry,
  • R&D and high-impact software project set-up and management.

Eureva has acquired much experience and expertise in software technology, industry, and its related economics. It has contributed to many high-impact and innovative projects in the multimedia, gaming, cultural and audio-visual industries through implementations with customers likeTF1, Orange, AFP, PSA, Microsoft and Centre Pompidou. Eureva is also mandated frequently by Cap Digital, the French digital media international R&D cluster for projects or collaborative R&D initiatives.

Within the framework of the EAGLE initiative, Eureva is the leader of the Blinktser project, which combines geolocation, image recognition and social networks to enable mobile content access with partners such as Orange, IRI and Institut Telecom. Blinkster has been presented with awards by Proximamobile and Futur en Seine; operational prototypes have been made at Le Louvre and Centre Pompidou. Further image recognition projects are in progress with TF1 and AFP (Agence France Presse). Eureva is also developping mobile solutions and studies for many other French customers, such as AXA or Nexans.

Role in the project

  • Technology provider
  • Responsible for the development of the mobile application user interface (T5.3)