src-sazu-logoThe Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) is the leading Slovenian research academy in the humanities and a cutting-edge academic institution in central, eastern, and southeast Europe. It has a multidisciplinary character; in addition to the humanities, its spheres of research cover the natural and social sciences. It has primarily been engaged in research on a broad variety of topics connected to the natural and cultural heritage in Slovenia. ZRC SAZU has its own publishing house, bookstore and audio-visual laboratory, and it boasts numerous collections with each of these bodies. Among its rich publishing activity, five research journals listed in the Thomson Reuters indices are especially noteworthy.

The Institute of Archaeology is one of the 17 institutes of the ZRC SAZU. Its main research objective is the collection of high-quality data concerning the development of man and society in the southeastern Alpine region and some of the western Balkans. The multi-tiered programme interrogates an ample spectrum of fundamental topics ranging from the introduction and verification of new research methods to the creation of databases and documentation systems that demystify settlement patterns, economic structures, social processes and the lifestyles of the people who settled the south-eastern Alpine region between the Prehistorical and Medieval periods. The programme is composed of different topics, including, for the Roman period, the following:

  • “The Romanisation processes on the territory of Slovenia”,
  • “Roman Inscriptions of Slovenia; Greek and Roman literary sources for the eastern Alpine area and the western Balkans”,
  • “Roman History of the present-day Slovenia territory”.

The Institute publishes the yearly journal  “Arheološki vestnik”, as well as a series of monographs, entitled Opera Instituti archaeologici Sloveniae.

Role in the project

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