Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) legislations are different in each European country. One of the major challenges for the online publication of digital content is to make sure that the it complies with all of these different regulations. A lot of work has already been done in this field but there is still a need for more elaboration.

The workshop aims to identify potential challenges to future access routes to digital inscriptions corpora.

In particular, it will give participants information and competences regarding:

  • identification of IPR regulations according to state law

  • analysis of rights management issues and requirements to be taken into account

  • the proper labeling of materials

  • different kinds of licenses and best practices and their proper use

  • correct labeling and reuse of material

  • copyright agreements

Additionally this workshop, building on the themes of workshop 2 (Translations and Linked Open Data), will describe best practices for user engagement that can provide quality training or interaction tools to non-specialists while generating scholarly reusable material for research. This will involve:

  • studies of user behavior

  • identification of user groups

  • the establishment of concepts to achieve the active participation of user groups

  • the conceptual establishment of specific services for specific user groups (e.g. school projects)

Participants will be presented with case studies and best practices which are at the base of all best practice projects in the field of digital epigraphy.

A workshop on photography of inscriptions will also be carried out in collaboration with WG2 (Translations and Content Curation)

Interested participants are kindly requested to register by December 1, 2013. This can be easily done by filling in the form below