How to become an EAGLE partner

We are looking for representatives or contact persons of cultural institutions, museums, libraries, research centres, universities, or projects that work in the field of epigraphy, or recognize a possible link with this field. Parties interested in being part of the EAGLE network or joining the EAGLE experts group and Working Groups are warmly invited to contact us.

Potential affiliated partners may participate in any one of the following categories:

  1. Affiliated Partner: contributes content to EAGLE
  2. Cooperating Expert: takes part in one or more tasks (in which case several agreements might be established) of the project by linking sub-projects or related activities.
  3. Networking Partner: connects to the activities of the project for the mutual benefit of EAGLE and the other party.

These three typologies of affiliation are regulated by the three kinds of agreement below and can include technical, networking or content partners, as well as partners cooperating in some of the activities and actions of each Working Group.

Depending upon which of these categories applies to you and your institution, you can contribute in a number of different ways, including:

  • provision of content to EAGLE and Europeana
  • participation in WG debates (e.g., discussion on vocabularies, producing translations, clarifying IPR issues, enriching data with further granularity of geographical information, etc.)
  • participation in EAGLE conferences and workshops
  • contribution to dissemination activities
  • participation in surveys

Cooperation Agreements

The collaboration between external institutions/experts and EAGLE is formalised by means of an agreement that clarifies all terms and conditions. Currently, three different Agreements are available, depending on the nature of the collaboration. They are separated according to the following parameters:

  1. Affiliation Agreement: for institutions interested both in becoming EAGLE content providers and participating in the activities of the EAGLE Working Groups
  2. Cooperation Agreement: for institutions/experts willing to contribute to the activities of the EAGLE Working Groups or work packages tasks.
  3. Memorandum of Understanding: to establish cooperation on specific points for the benefit of both parts between those projects/initiatives whose interests are germane to those of EAGLE.

The choice of the agreement type depends on your intentions and can be discussed with the coordinator or networking coordinator.
Please contact us at info[at]leagle-network[dot]org with a short note indicating your interests and competences.
Shortly afterwards, the project coordinator will send you an invitation to sign a Cooperation Agreement.


  • You and/or your organization will be part of a large, dynamic and highly qualified community, which includes representatives of all key stakeholder groups from more than 14 EU countries, technical partners, content providers and aggregators, leading research centers and Universities.
  • You will be able to upload your data to Europeana through the EAGLE gateway.
  • You will be invited to conferences and international workshops organized by EAGLE
  • You will have access to the EAGLE deliverables, technical reports and other materials produced by EAGLE for the EAGLE initiative
  • You will have to opportunity to participate in dissemination and training activities
  • Further items can and will be discussed in each case

For further information on the benefits of participation, please contact the project coordinator at info[at]leagle-network[dot]org.