We are pleased to announce the publication of:


Catherine Dobias-Lalou, Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica, in collaboration with Alice Bencivenni and Hugues Berthelot with help from Simona Antolini, Silvia Maria Marengo and Emilio RosamiliaCatherine Dobias-Lalou


Greek Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica, in collaboration with Alice Bencivenni with help from Joyce M. Reynolds and Charlotte Roueché
Bologna: CRR-MM, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, 2017. ISBN 9788898010684, http://doi.org/10.6092/UNIBO/IGCYRGVCYR.

(abbreviated IGCyr and GVCyr) https://igcyr.unibo.it/


The two comprehensive corpora gather, for the first time in the history of the discipline, all the Greek inscriptions of archaic, classic and hellenistic Cyrenaica, from VII to I century B.C. (IGCyr) and all the Greek verse inscriptions of Greek and Roman Cyrenaica, from VI B.C. to VI A.D. (GVCyr). The two corpora both include some unpublished texts – 122 in IGCyr; 8 in GVCyr – and new critical editions of all the inscriptions already published until March 2017, which were scattered among various, often inaccessible and sometimes outdated publications, for a total amount of 917 inscriptions in IGCyr and 56 in GVCyr.

Each inscription record presents metadata description, bibliography, Greek text, apparatus, translation into modern languages (English, French, Italian and shortly Arabic), and commentary, together with the fullest available collection of illustrations.

All of the files have been encoded in TEI-XML Epidoc, are fully searchable, and may be used and downloaded in Open Access.

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