The Italian Institute for Ancient History announces a competition for two scholarships lasting four months as part of the agreement with the International Federation EAGLE (Electronic Archive of Greek and Latin Epigraphy), in order to promote further training of graduates (master’s degree in antiquities or equivalent qualification) who work in the field of computer applications to epigraphy.

The assignee will work under the supervision of the scientific manager of the project, delegated by the Institute, who will evaluate and direct the work. The assignee will actively collaborate in the enrichment of an adequate number of texts and images from one of the five databases that adhere to the Federation: EDB (Epigraphic Database Bari), EDH (Epigraphic Database Heidelberg); EDR (Epigraphic Database Roma), HEp (Hispania Epigraphica Online) and EDF (Epigraphic Database Falsae).