In 2020, IDEA continued to fund small projects in Digital Epigraphy coherent with the aims of the Association.

In Spring 2020 a first grant was awarded to Giovanni Almagno. His project concerned the update and increase of content in EAGLE related to the epigraphical documentation of one of the most important town of Regio IV, Corfinium. 106 records were updated and 244 new entries were added to the database. Each record was provided, whenever possible, with a photograph and a link to the photographic database of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum was attached. Now the whole Corfinium section in EDR database is complete and updated, and consequently also the EAGLE portal. Finally, Giovanni Almagno notified the database managers of the double records he identified so that they could be removed from the database.

In Winter 2020 a second grant was awarded to Ilaria Grossi. The goal of her project is to make better use of the work previously done in EAGLE regarding translations. To facilitate a broader, more detailed and complete use of the existing  data,  the  content  of  Eagle  Mediawiki  could  be  recovered  and  improved,  and  a  list  of translations  could  be  made  available for  EDR,  in  the  same  way  as  it  was  done  for  EDH,  also  associating  the Trismegistos ID.  The goal is twofold: identify the corresponding translations in Europeana for EDR and enrich the EDR database with the related link to the translation currently not  yet connected. The issue is that these translations are currently not recoverable by the partners who refer to the EAGLE databases contained in Mediawiki. The grant was awarded at the end of December, so the project is still in progress.