We are glad to announce the workshop Texts and APIs: the Distributed Text Services to be held in Hamburg 15-16 July 2019, funded by the Procope Programme of the French Embassies in Germany and Switzerland.

The Distributed Text Services (DTS, w3id.org/dts ) specification, defines an API for working with collections of texts as machine-actionable data.
The workshop will have three parts :

  1. Presentations of the Distributed Text Services and its applicability to corpora
  2. A round-table and discussion about what could be done to improve DTS or to support it more
  3. A hands-on workshop for participants to start building services around their data

The Program can be found here: https://distributed-text-services.github.io/workshops/events/2019-hamburg/

The Workshop will take place at the University of Hamburg, Überseering 35, 22297, Room 01021 (Ground Floor). Participation is open and free, but you will need to register here: https://forms.gle/89wbTBuZnLk5ecFz9 (registration closes July 7).

We are also pleased to be able to host 6 lightning talks (5 minutes apiece) that deal with DTS and how  you might use it with your own data. We can allocate a travel bursary of a fixed amount of 300 Euros to those participants who give such talks and might need such a bursary. Please register at the registration link above by 1 July if you would like to give a Lightning Talk, tick the relevant box if you would need a bursary and we will let you know as soon as possible thereafter if your Lightning Talk has been accepted and if you have been awarded a bursary.