One of the main concerns of IDEA (International Digital Epigraphy Association) is the curation and preservation of data that has been collected and aggregated during the EAGLE project. For this reason, IDEA is continuously investing in the aggregation, update, and disambiguation of epigraphic content coming from several projects as well as in the maintenance of the EAGLE Portal and of its associated services.

Through the EAGLE Inscription Search Engine (, it is possible to browse the constantly growing EAGLE epigraphic database, consisting of:

  • 593,597 ARTEFACTS (information that is somehow related to the physical carrier of the inscription) of which 516,701 are unique results (i.e. related to the same inscription)
  • 474,577 TEXTS (90% at least partially marked up in TEI EpiDoc) of which 386,206 are unique results
  • 1,314,963 IMAGES of which 233,587 are unique results

In addition, in 2018 IDEA supported a series of epigraphic training workshops, such as:

  • epigraphy course at the Liceo Classico Galileo in Florence, which was part of a project of “learning and working” training for teachers and students
  • digital epigraphy course at Bari
  • “Roma: una città dal visibile parlare”, a “learning and working” training project at the Istituto Santa Maria in Rome

Existing members and new members of IDEA are invited to send in their annual subscriptions so that IDEA can continue to support a range of activities.

Members are also invited to apply for financial support for the implementation of small project or training courses in digital epigraphy. To do so, please write an email to providing a description and budget for the project and its proposer.