On April 12, 2019 IDEA’s Board met to discuss all the requests for financial support that have arrived prior to the March 31st deadline.

The proposals were carefully analyzed and evaluated and finally the Board unanimously decided to assign 1,000 EUROS to the proposal presented by Silvia Evangelisti. Her project aims at attributing the Trismegistos ID to about 1000 EDR inscriptions that still do not have one, by comparing the bibliographical references of the EDR files with those of the documents of the Clauss/Slaby Database that already have a TM ID. This procedure will also help to identify the presence of doublets in EAGLE.

Silvia’s project will then provide a tangible enhancement of the database and this is the main reason why it was chosen as winner of the grant.

We would like to thank all the participants for sending their proposal and remind you that the next deadline will be September 30th, 2019.