The Ancient Graffiti Project

Posted by EAGLE on Mar 21, 2014

The Herculaneum Graffiti Project invites participants to take part in its inaugural field season, which will take place June 18-27, 2014. The project aims to record and study the ancient handwritten inscriptions from the site of Herculaneum.

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Epigraphy, who cares?

Posted by EAGLE on Mar 17, 2014

If you use inscriptions in your work or study, would you have one minute to take part in this very short survey? It will provide valuable insights into the needs today‚Äôs users of epigraphic publications: To develop and improve tools for epigraphy, especially digital ones in the growing context of epigraphy-specific TEI (EpiDoc), it is essential to know the needs of users of epigraphic publications. The idea of my project is therefore to explore today’s audiences of epigraphic publications. This will contribute to...

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