EAGLE project and Roman inscriptions from Emona

Posted by EAGLE on Nov 15, 2015

Two papers were presented by Marjeta Šašel Kos at two conferences in November, concerning the EAGLE project and Roman inscriptions from Emona.   International conference “Antiquitatis sollemnia: antidoron Mate Suić” at Zagreb and Zadar in Croatia (November 3–6): Emona and its pre-Roman population: epigraphic evidence (download presentation, English) Not much is known of the pre-Roman inhabitants of Emona, therefore it is all the more important to collect all available evidence. Epigraphic documents from the Ig area are abundant,...

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Off the Beaten Track. Epigraphy at the Borders

Posted by EAGLE on Aug 24, 2015

The sixth EAGLE International Event, “Off the Beaten Track. Epigraphy at the Borders” will be held in Bari on September 24-25, 2015. The aim of this event is to discuss issues and raise questions about encoding inscriptions different from those labelled as standard, starting from archaic times to the Middle Ages and beyond, even in languages other than Greek and Latin. We intend to address their peculiarities that are due to specific carriers (material supports) and/or executing techniques, or also to graphic shapes,...

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