Signs of Life – a dedicated Epigraphy Virtual Exhibition

Posted by EAGLE on Mar 8, 2016

“Signs of Life” is a dedicated Epigraphy Virtual Exhibition to highlight the richness of the EAGLE collections and to provide a good overview of what are Ancient Greek and Roman Epigraphy and what they deal with. There are two views of the EAGLE Virtual Exhibition. If you like reading, start browsing the website version. If you like walking (and jumping), the Virtual Museum is what you are looking for.   For further information enter the EAGLE Virtual Exhibition, but be careful not to break any object! Children must be...

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EAGLE featured on Forma Urbis

Posted by EAGLE on Feb 16, 2016

The January 2016 issue of the popular Italian magazine Forma Urbis has just been released. This issue is entirekly dedicated to the EAGLE project, featuring a series of articles that present the project, the Network of Common Interest, and that highlight the main results achieved so far: the Search Inscriptions Engine, the Mobile and Storytelling Applications, the cooperation with Wikimedia Italy, and much more.   Forma Urbis ( is a magazine founded in 1996 as an archaeological monthly specialised in...

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