IDEA supports Trismegistos API and OEDUc

Posted by EAGLE on Feb 2, 2018

After the end of the EAGLE project nothing has stopped or ended. IDEA carries on the day to day tasks of maintenance and development of the EAGLE portal and the related resources. It offers support to existing projects and to new ones, and it carries out for its members at no additional cost the integration tasks to incorporate data into EAGLE. Two examples of projects supported by IDEA are reported below. Trismegistos API Trismegistos has accomplished the incredible task of disambiguating all existing digitized texts during the lifetime of...

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Collaboration between IDEA and IGCyr|GVCyr

Posted by EAGLE on Sep 9, 2017

We are pleased to announce the publication of:   Catherine Dobias-Lalou, Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica, in collaboration with Alice Bencivenni and Hugues Berthelot with help from Simona Antolini, Silvia Maria Marengo and Emilio RosamiliaCatherine Dobias-Lalou ———————————————- Greek Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica, in collaboration with Alice Bencivenni with help from Joyce M. Reynolds and Charlotte Roueché Bologna: CRR-MM, Alma Mater Studiorum...

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