EAGLE 2014  Call for Participation

The EAGLE2014 conference will consist of a number of lectures, panels and selected papers organized into several sessions. It is expected that the conference proceedings will be published with a major European scientific editor.

Please check the Sessions  page for a more detailed breakdown of this Call for Participation.

The conference will also provide space for demonstrations and product display.

The EAGLE2014 tracks are the following:

* Digital approaches to cross-disciplinary studies of inscriptions
* Harmonization of Content and Geographical information (GIS, vocabularies, terminology)
* Translations
* Linked Open Data
* Multimedia and Mobile applications
* Copyright, Intellectual Property Rights
* User Engagement
* Cultural Heritage and the Social Web

Topics we’re seeking for the 2014 program include (but are not limited to):

* Digital Cultural Heritage in the Ancient World
* Digital Epigraphy as a discipline
* Digital and traditional Epigraphy
* Metadata Models and Epigraphic Taxonomies
* Epigraphic editions on paper and online
* Harmonization and interoperability of digital editions of Inscriptions
* The role of digital epigraphy in the Linked Ancient World Data networks
* Future aims and perspectives on digital epigraphy
* Copyright, IPR and re-use
* Impact of digital epigraphy on pedagogy
* Connecting Museums and research projects on Epigraphy
* 3D digitization of inscriptions
* Virtual re-contextualization of inscriptions
* Integration of epigraphy in wider contexts of digital infrastructures
* Multimedia and Mobile Applications
* User Engagement ( Services for specific user groups/ Studies of user behavior/ design)
* Social Web


Contributions should be original and not submitted and/or published in other journals or conferences and will be reviewed and selected by the Program Committee. Contributions include:

* Long papers (8 pages)
* Short papers (4 pages)
* Posters, projects and demos (max. 2 pages)
* Panel proposals (title, description, panellists, 1 page)

Contributions must be in English and submitted in PDF format through the Conference submission page (To Be Defined)

Note: Only full written papers (4 pages for short papers or 8 pages for long papers)  will be accepted for the peer review. Abstracts will be not considered.

Important dates

* Submission of Panel proposals: 31 March 2014
* Submission of Papers (long, short): 16 May 2014
* Submission of Posters, projects, demos: 16 May 2014
* Response to the Authors: Forthcoming
* Camera ready versions: 16 July, 2014